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Hurt Because of a Faulty Product?

Ron Vickery takes product liability cases in the Tyler, TX area

Thousands of new products hit the market every year in the U.S. Although most products undergo strict testing for safety, sometimes manufacturers make mistakes. If you've been injured or sickened by a faulty product, you're entitled to compensation. Turn to Vickery Law Firm in Tyler, TX for assistance with your product liability case.

Ron Vickery is a knowledgeable product liability attorney with over 30 years of courtroom experience. He'll help you navigate the legal system with the goal of getting the maximum compensation for your product liability claim.

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Common product defects

There are several kinds of product defects you might encounter. Contact Ron Vickery right away if you've been hurt or sickened by:

  • Design defects-when something about the product's design is inherently unsafe.
  • Manufacturing defects-mistakes that are made during the manufacturing or assembly process.
  • Marketing defects-to include improper labeling, poor instructions or inadequate safety warnings.

Hold businesses and manufacturers responsible for creating faulty or dangerous products. Hire trusted product liability attorney Ron Vickery in Tyler, TX. Call today.